Shucan - is the leading mass volume manufacture of optical TO, OSA 10Mb~10G, Triplexer, Chip on Board, BOX Type 40G/100G/400G TOSA & ROSA, Sensors, Silicon Photonics, Customized Optical Components.

Optics TO

Shucan is manufacturing TO56, TO46, TO48, TO33 in high volume. Our TO are among the most reliable high-power diode lasers available in the industry today for high-speed 100Mb ~ 10G data communication applications. It uses a high-performance, high-reliability Laser Diode / VCSEL integrated into a custom, hermetically sealed TO package aligned to a precision LC or SC housing.

BOX Type & Butterfly

Shucan utilizes its unique packaging technology to combine passive mux and demux with active elements such as lasers, detectors and others to produce ultra-compact, high speed multi-lambda Receiver / Transmitter Optical Sub-Assemblies (ROSA / TOSA) and the integrated multi-lambda detectors for T&M and sensing applications for multiplexing. Speed rates: from , 10Gbpcs 25Gbps EML /DML TOSA ROSA. Applications: 10G, 25G, 100G, 400G

Chip on Board

Shucan is engaged in On-Board Optics (COBO, Chip on Board) development to permit the use of board-mounted optical modules in the manufacturing of networked equipment (i.e. switches, servers, routers etc.) and optical transceivers. Speed rate varies from 10G to 400Gbps.

About Us

Shucan, headquarter is in Chengdu, China, is an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) contract manufacture of advanced optoelectronics, sensors and silicon photonics integration. Shucan designs, manufactures and sells optical interconnect components for high performance and high speed optical communications, 100Mb, 10G, 40G, 100G, 400G applications. We are focus on the advanced devices package technology of high precision and high density.

Shucan specialized in production of TO, COB (Chip on Board), TOSA/ROSA/BOSA, SoC(system on chip), silicon photonics device designs, development and technology integrations.


ShuCan is capable of High Accuracy Die bonding, Wire bonding, Precision Optical Alignment, and Testing to a high quality packaging, which can be used in the advanced optoelectronic, silicon photonics, and Sensors in very mass volume production.

  • Automatic process
  • Eutectic diebond with Accuracy x, y: ±5um, θ<1°
  • Epoxy diebond
  • Ball bonding and wedge bonding
  • Automatic micro-lens alignment
  • Hermetic parallel-seam sealing
  • Laser welding
  • Optical simulation, RF simulation and thermal simulation

Why Choose Shucan?

Don't Pay More

We match the best market volume price for any type optical TO, OSA (including 10G PON BOSA or BOB for GPON / GEPON ), COB, SIP, BOX type high speed 40G 100G 200G TOSA ROSA, without compromising quality or reliability.

Technology Innovator

Shucan continuously develops and invests in new advance optical components, silicon photonics and sensors development, R&D, automatic production lines to be ahead of its competitors and prove its market leadership as the best Contract Manufacture OEM/ODM partner for your mass volume needs.

Trusted Partner

Shucan is seen by our customers as a long-term partner whose contributions, products, insights, processes are viewed as key for their product line development and future grows. Trust Shucan as your partner to help you meet your volume demands.

Join Us

There are many good reasons to work for Shucan: we not only offer first-class career opportunities and development options – but also attach great importance to a healthy working climate. We would like to have you come to work with joy. We want our employees to be healthy and be able to combine their private life and career. A fair salary and attractive perks are self-evident for us. In order for you to further your career, we offer trainings, feedback and different career paths for your individual career development. Please contact with us for more details.

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HQ and factory: No.127 West Wulian Street, Shuangliu District, Chengdu City, 610200, China.
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